Ebury Capital and Growth Solutions
  • Biresh RoyFounder

    "We are particularly interested in contrarian situations - where the market has overlooked an asset and 'rough diamonds' where we can combine our management expertise, capital and transaction execution skills to take the business to the next level, investor exit or trade sale."

  • David GarofaloInvestor & Senior Advisor

    "In making our investments, we look for people who work hard to realise their ambitions - because it's what we do ourselves, clear organic growth potential, potential for buy and build or roll-out, barriers to entry, and strong competitive advantage."

  • Nigel LeggeInvestor & Senior Advisor

    "At Ebury we pride ourselves on being personable, straightforward, open, honest and supportive. We believe this is as important as our expertise and thoroughness in helping our business partners achieve their growth ambitions."

  • Drake DavisSenior Advisor

    "Ebury's funding and industry relationships have developed over many years. Combined with our own experience, attention to detail and investment it means we can uniquely tailor solutions to deliver exceptional value, regardless of sector."

  • Emily Landis WalkerOperating Partner & Senior Advisor

    "Skilfull execution and extraction of every possible synergy through the use of pragmatic stretch targets and cross-industry best practices are critical to realising the full growth potential in Ebury's participations."

  • Brian Duncan Operating Partner, Finance & Administration

    "Locking in the benefits of change through a robust system of reporting, financial controls and corporate governance ensures that synergies are permanently captured as a foundation for value growth."


Ebury Capital & Growth Solutions specialises in executing change and investing in high potential growth situations.

Our typical participation is as management team member, investor or business advisor in smaller to middle market private equity and family office portfolio companies, privately-run and AIM listed businesses. Our capital and management solutions support companies with a turnover of £5m to £30m across a range of situations:

  • Growth capital with management expertise
  • Turnaround/profit improvement
  • Management support
  • Recapitalisations
  • M&A and consolidations
  • Buy-outs/buy-ins
  • Exits
  • Sale of business

We invest our own capital and, through our associate FCA regulated firms, can participate in syndicated amounts of £2m to £20m per transaction, engaging recognised industry experts as the situation demands.

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